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Welcome to our e-mail newsletter. It is directed to those who have an interest in the Prevue Assessment™ tool. We also invite you to the last section to view 'additional' HR resources. 

Prevue Applications

Most clients use Prevue as a tool for the hiring and promoting stages and rely on the Selection and Working Characteristics Reports. Prevue also has a variety of other Reports worth considering. These are:

  • Personal Development Report
  • Learning & Reasoning Report (just released)
  • Corporate Coach Report (from the Coach’s perspective)
  • Corporate Coach Report (from the Candidate’s perspective)
  • Succession Planning Report

Have you ever performed a coaching session with an employee concerning his/her Prevue results? We encourage you to do so. It is a powerful feedback tool for an employee!

Is It Time To Have Administrator Rights For Prevue On-Line?

If you currently have administrator rights under the old software and have not transitioned to the new on-line system, we urge you to do so. We will help you move your files as well as provide training. There are so many benefits (e.g. security, access to new reports) that it does not make sense to stay with the old software. Give us a call and make it part of your New Year’s resolution.

Clients often asked us if they should transition from using Daugharty Group Inc. as a ‘process centre’ to having administrator rights. As a rule of thumb, if you process 25 or more assessments per year (e.g. Selection & Personal Development Reports), it makes sense to have administrator rights. Call us if you would like more details.

Best Practices Tips

A common error by management is to read the Job Suitability % Score and one or two traits and then make a quick decision instead of spending time with the reports and exploring the traits in detail. We mention this to encourage each of you to adopt the best practices approach as follows:

  1. preparing a defensible benchmark (when used);
  2. validating the benchmark with internal candidates, where possible;
  3. administering the assessment in a professional manner;
  4. giving proper attention to all of the report information;
  5. giving employee feedback where warranted; and,
  6. storing the information in a secure manner (i.e. privacy legislation).

Prevue Measurement Scales

The Prevue Assessment (also known as the ICES Plus Assessment) is a personality testing battery designed to assess 20 scales describing an individual's characteristics: four mental abilities scales, three interest scales, twelve personality scales, and a social desirability scale.

Introducing Our Prevue Centre

In response to clients seeking an off-site meeting place as well as a facility for training and employee coaching, we are pleased to announce a new office close to Hwy 401 & Wellington Road in London. This facility will accommodate employers who want to give employees the option for a coaching session away from the work area and for human resource people who would prefer Prevue training away from work distractions.

Note: We also offer the Stevenson Kellogg office in Toronto (near the airport) for our Toronto clients.

Questions & Answers

Question: How often should an employee have a Prevue Assessment done?

Answer: To phrase the question another way, how long should one rely on a report? In general, the employer need not re-assess within a two-year time frame after an assessment. There are situations where this general rule may not be accurate (e.g. personal trauma, educational upgrading) and it is suggested that you discuss the particulars with us.

Question: How can a CGA graduate obtain a score of ‘4’ on Working With Numbers?

Answer: There is no simple answer but we believe part of the answer lies in:

  1. the ‘4’ is real and validation can be affirmed through in depth interviews and asking for transcripts (i.e. passing the CGA does not mean one is an “A” or “B” student;
  2. in his/her need for being methodical and accurate as this is their profession (interestingly, CAs normally score higher); and,
  3. being influenced by their Prevue scores under Conventional and Organized.

Additional Resources:

We pass on this information for information purposes only and will not benefit from your use or non use of these resources.

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