RSS Feeds

If you want step-by-step directions to install the RSS Feeds, these are as follows:

Step #1:  On our home page, double click and open the RSS Feeds.  

Step #2:  After opening it, you will see an RSS Feeds Icon (orange square), click on this and then copy the site:

Step #3:  Open Microsoft Office, go to Tools > then Account Settings > RSS Feeds > New > and in that window use the command “control v” and the RSS Feeds address from Daugharty Group Inc. will be copied.  Accept (add) and close.  You will then be able to view articles from Daugharty Group Inc. as new ones are available.

Step #4:  In Microsoft Office, go to RSS Feeds and expand file.  View Daugharty Group Inc. blogs.  It is not part of your email system so it must be opened separately.