In the area of mediation and dispute resolution, Daugharty Group Inc. provides the following services:

  • Mediation
  • Fact Finding
  • Dispute Resolution

During a mediation, our objectives are to ensure that a collective understanding is reached, that all participants agree to the conditions and that the understanding itself is both fair and equitable to all the involved parties.



Helped Resolve Difficult Conflicts

"Daugharty has assisted our organization in the resolution of a number of difficult employee-employer situations to the overall benefit of all concerned. We would not hesitate in utilizing his services in the future where conflict between employees or between and employee and our organization exists."

■ Peter Beerda, President, Pro Electric Limited

Knowledgeable & Experienced

"We have David involved with us on several occasions and he brings a level of knowledge, experience, and people skills that are very much appreciated.”

■ Garry Foster, President, Simply Kids Inc.

Honest, Fair, Objective

"In looking back over our joint experiences in the field of grievances, bargaining and other labour relations matters in which David Daugharty represented the employer, I always found him to be honest and fair in his attitude and decisions and believe he approached our mutual problems without bias."

■ Marjorie Whitten, Retired, O.P.E.I.U.

Invaluable Perspective, Professional Manner...

"Daugharty has been associated with Rieter Automotive Mastico, Ltd. for a number of years and has been invaluable in providing and outside perspective to a variety of employee situations in a professional and timely manner. He has acted in various capacities such as Fact Finder, Mediator, and Counsellor; and, in all circumstances, we believe that all parties have been satisfied with his involvement as well as the final results."

■ Phil Theis, Former V.P., of Rieter Automotive Mastico, Ltd.

Just & Amicable

"His skills in human resources are sensitive and balanced... his mediations are just... he is able to diffuse contentious situations amicably."

■ Hank Hultink, Executive Director, Ontario Christian School Teachers' Association, Retired